ICT modernization At Celestial Self Development Centre to Transform Adult Learning
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ICT modernization At Celestial Self Development Centre to Transform Adult Learning

ICT modernization At Celestial Self Development Centre to Transform Adult Learning

New Integrated Web Platform designed to suit the needs of the modern day learner


Professional development seekers and corporate clients of Celestial Self Development Centre (Celestial SDC) can expect a modern virtual learning experience with the company’s recent inclusion of an integrated online platform for teaching and learning of its soft skills and personal development courses. Celestial SDC, a leading service provider of Human Resource Development and Business Consulting services in the domestic and Eastern Caribbean region, has announced a comprehensive platform redesign that will greatly enhance the student user experience while making it easier to integrate new courseware.

“Our long term vision to educate, inspire, motivate and strengthen individuals and organisations in their ability to achieve goals and objectives remains the same,” points out Thecla C. Deterville, Managing Director of Celestial Self Development Centre, “but our technology and user experience continues to evolve to meet the demands of the modern day learner.”

The revamped platform will make an immediate visual impression on users who will appreciate the familiar experience of mobile device navigation and a social media-like interface. A comprehensive library of course materials featuring instructional courseware, and experiential exercises will encourage exploration, discovery and action. Enhanced social sharing will reinforce lessons with “real” validation.

The site incorporates nearly two years of data from direct user feedback, analysis of trends in the education technology space, and a forecast of the future demands of the next generation student.

“We want to deliver an unmatched learning experience to students of all ages,” explains Mrs. Deterville, “and the new site will feature a balance of rich media content, interactive exercises, and seamless communication tools that will enable real-time team collaboration as well as mentor feedback.”

Converge Solutions was selected to lead the redesign project, as part of the Business Incubator Grant funded by the World Bank and implemented by  the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP).  The project supports the Government’s efforts to nurture local innovation and develop a more sustainable entrepreneurial base by providing grant funding for the development of technology based small to medium sized enterprises.

Celestial Self Development Centre anticipates full deployment of the redesign by June 2017.

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