The 7 Habits Coach: Episode 6
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The 7 Habits Coach: Episode 6

The 7 Habits Coach: Episode 6

What can a toilet paper shortage teach me about thinking strategically?

Join FranklinCovey thought leader Jennifer Colosimo, senior vice president, as she introduces Habit 4—Think Win-Win®: The Habit of Mutual Benefit. Taken from the timeless principles found in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, learn how to thrive even during times of change and uncertainty.

As the series moves from the Private Victory habits (1-3) and into the Public Victory habits (4-7), Jennifer teaches how thinking win-win is a strategic choice.

In this episode, you will start to:

  • Balance courage and consideration to win respect and be respected
  • Use simple T-charts to identify your wins as well as those with whom you interact with at work or home
  • Make meaningful Emotional Bank Account deposits and avoid costly withdrawals
  • Express your opinion confidently, courageously, and with consideration to achieve mutual respect


At the end of this episode, you will receive a challenge to work on to begin mastering the 7 Habits. Watch the video to learn about this challenge.

If you know of someone who could benefit from these webcasts, please feel free to pass them along.


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