Great presenters have two notable qualities; appropriate skills and personal confidence.

The skill comes easier the more you practice. Once you know the skill, the confidence comes from knowing that you can convey your message while staying comfortable and in control.

This course will teach participants the essentials of being a great presenter and how they can apply those skills using the mainstay of the presentation world: Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Course Outline:

  • The fundamentals of public speaking
  • The advantages of oral vs. written material
  • How to plan your presentation
  • How to use SmartArt and other multimedia objects to enhance your presentation
  • How NOT to do a PowerPoint presentation
  • Learn how to effectively remember names
  • Learn how to stay in control during a meeting
  • The advantages of positive appearance and body language

Duration: 1 day

Date: Wed. 16th September 2020

Investment: EC$400.00/person

Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !
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