Celestial | EFA Learning Agent
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EFA Learning Agent

EFA Learning Agent 

As the agency in Saint Lucia representing for the global higher learning brand – Education for Advancement (EFA), CSDC advances EFA’s mission to provide international students with access to flexible and affordable, world-class education. Through EFA’s partnership with leading universities from the USA and UK, persons in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean have access to over 200 academic and vocational qualifications via distance learning.


As a professional development agency of repute, CSDC’s selection as an international EFA agent was based on our ability to represent EFA’s global reputation for service excellence. We support EFA’s clients through:

  • Guidance in identifying/selecting suitable programs of study
  • Assistance with the application process
  • Preparing for student visa application process and interview – where applicable


Celestial SDC assist clients in registering for a wide range of programs at Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Postgrad and Advanced Diploma levels in areas of study such as; Nursing and Healthcare, Business, Management, Hospitality, Accounting, Information Technology, Finance and Education.