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Other Services

Retreat Facilitation

A retreat takes a team, organization, or group of key decision-makers out of their normal work routines and puts them into an interactive environment that allows them to open up communication and dig deeper into existing challenges with a view to problem solving. With proper planning and facilitation, retreats can be amazingly productive, encouraging creative thinking, strengthening relationships, and energizing the team.


Executive Retreats bring together key decision-makers, involve complex dynamics and discussions, and often have far-reaching effects on the whole organization.


Team Building Retreats minimize conflict and maximize synergy by improving communication, resolving existing challenges, clarifying goals and roles, and refocusing the team’s efforts and energies.


Process Improvement Retreats review existing processes, examine whether the systems and people within an organization are being used effectively, and explore different ways of doing business.


Change Management Retreats deal with change that a team or organization is facing — whether the change was anticipated and desired or has been imposed. These retreats help to ensure that the important issues are addressed so the change is successful.


Strategic Planning Retreats focus on future success by developing or reassessing an organization’s mission, vision, and values; assessing the climate within which an organization competes or operates; and identifying strengths and weaknesses of an organization.


CELESTIAL SELF DEVELOPMENT CENTRE:  partners with you to design unique retreats and off-site meetings which are focused, productive and cost-effective. Emphasizing team building and improved communications, we develop and facilitate all of our events using the following three-phase process:




Preparation and Assessment

  • Meeting with leaders of the organization to understand your corporate culture, your current situation, establish goals and objectives and clear outcomes for your retreat.
  • Design achievable objectives and a comprehensive agenda to address those needs and desired outcomes.
  • Get preliminary feedback from you and others on your team to ensure that participants won’t be spending costly time defining issues; this means that your retreat will focus on producing results, building teamwork and making commitments and plans to continue taking action after the event.



  • Execution and Facilitation
  • Facilitate retreat so participants can concentrate on achieving goals and solving problems.
  • Foster an interactive environment in which participants openly discuss issues and work on collaborative solutions; this means that everyone can move ahead together while simultaneously increasing trust, communication and cooperation among the group.
  • Emphasize, capture and document key ideas and priorities so we can create a useful action plan and post-event report.



  • Report and Follow-Up
  • Document all proceedings and decisions reached at your retreat in a comprehensive, organized and edited report.
  • E-mail your retreat report and results to a designated contact for further action.
  • Schedule and lead a post-event debrief with key personnel to review event results, develop follow-up communications and prioritize action plans; this ensures that the important ideas, solutions and commitments generated during your retreat are actioned/executed after staff has return to office.


Library Services

Our library is equipped with over 1000 business, motivational and self-help books, CDs and DVDs with more titles being added regularly. Library membership is available to the general public at an annual fee.


The library area provides a splendid comfortable reading area suitably equipped. Our Library facilities can be accessed during our normal opening hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Come and experience the Celestial Self Development Centre library and see what happens.  A valuable resource on your self-development journey. Terms and conditions apply.


Some of titles available are shown below:

For a full listing of available books or for further information contact us.

Motivational Speaking

Do you want to energize your staff/volunteers or management team to inspire peak performance? Our managing director Thecla C. Deterville is a recognized and renowned motivational speaker with a proven track record of results and has been a keynote speaker at many functions both for private and public sector agencies. In her presentations Mrs. Deterville teaches you or your team strategies to meet challenges head on, think outside the box, adapt to change, and cultivate passion in everything you do.


A force of character, she is herself intrinsically motivated and disciplined and driven by a commitment to integrity and excellence. Her wisdom and expertise inspires through relevant thought-provoking stories and evidence-based research, breaking through the motivational paradigm that causes individuals to stretch and produce results.


Mrs. Deterville has  also released two DVD’s, titled Celestial Gems and Celestial Gems 2 comprising a collection of her most celebrated public addresses delivered to a diverse range of audiences from graduating classes to women’s associations, voluntary organisations and private and public sector entities. Her speeches have been so engaging that they have the reputation of staying with audiences long after delivery. These can be purchased from our offices. Contact us today.