Duration: 64 hrs

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required for this course.


Course Overview

Organizations recognize that they do better business when their people are engaged, motivated, and yes, talented. Having the right people in place at the right time is a key aspect to continued growth, success, or even just stability. This course will provide you with just what it takes to have the right people ready. It will help you create a program to measure the talents of your people and how to help them grow in preparation for the future. It will also help you support and grow your organization by teaching you how to apply the most current research and adapt your organization to the ever-changing marketplaces.


Learning Objectives

  • Apply the multifaceted aspects of talent management in your own organization
  • Describe the skills required to manage high potential candidates
  • Recognize and foster talent within an organization
  • Explain the principles of competency-based management
  • Use the language for talent management


Course Outline


  1. Course Overview
  2. Understanding Talent Management
  • What is Talent Management?
  • A Focused Effort to Manage Talent
  1. Understanding Performance Management
  • The Differences Between Performance Management and Talent Management
  • The Shared Management Model
  1. Understanding Succession Planning
  • Replacing vs. Succeeding
  • Understanding Succession Planning Terms
  • Identifying Critical People
  • Identifying Resources
  • Risk Assessment
  1. Creating a Talent Management Plan
  • Overview
  • Developing Your Vision
  1. About Competency-Based Programs
  • Understanding Competencies
  • Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Model
  1. Identifying Talent
  • Key Talent Groups
  • Case Study: Smith Plumbing Inc.
  • Fast-Track Programs
  1. Bring on Bench Strength
  • Getting the Right Person for the Job
  • Three Pillars
  1. Conducting Talent Assessments to Create a Talent Profile
  • A Three-Phase Process
  • Sample Form
  • Compiling the Results
  1. Keeping People Interested
  • Understanding Abilities and Aspirations
  • Case Study: Jim’s Job
  • Keeping Superstars from Falling
  1. Talent Review Meetings
  • Structuring the Talent Review Meeting
  • Case Study
  • Following Up
  1. Show Me the Money!
  • Building Incentives into the Plan
  • About Competency-Based Pay and Pay-For-Performance
  1. Communicating with High Potentials
  2. Development Strategies
  • Goals with SPIRIT
  • 360° Feedback
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Creative Development Ideas
  1. Reality Check!
  2. Fostering Engagement
  3. Evaluating the Plan
  • Why is Evaluation Necessary?
  • Sample Evaluation
  1. Personal Action Plan
  2. Recommended Reading List
  3. Post-Course Assessment

Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !
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